For many Meat & Poultry Products it is necessary to have uniformity in thickness. After a cutting machine so ,  this can be recalibrated by flattening of thickly cut slices.


When it comes time for our customers to flatten meat to make schnitzel , the first machine we’re often told to turn to is FL600 .



There are both manual and automatic machines for the flattening of schnitzels but FL600 is a FULLY automated ! The only manual action required is placing the meat on the infeed belt.

Advantages :

  • reduces the thickness of the meat products (for larger size and ease of cooking)
  • presentation (removal of tenderisation marks)
  • standardising for cooking



Lakidis FL600 Meat Flattener ,  is commonly used by food producers to flatten schnitzel, steaks, beef roulades, chicken and turkey meat.

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